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Welcome to our help center.
What type of files can I send to Seda’s Printing, Inc.?
Which applications do we support?
I do not have a professional layout program. Can you still print my project?
How should I set up my bleed and crop marks?
How can I avoid transparency issues?
What color mode should my files be?
What is CMYK?
What is RGB?
What resolution should my file be?
Should I send a proof or sample file?
What is overprint, and how can it ruin my file?
Can I submit multiple files in one document?
How should I set up a Spot UV job?
How can I set up a file for silver ink?
How can I make sure my blues do not come out purple?
How do I export a .pdf correctly?
How do I get a grayscale image in a CMYK document?
What is rich black and how can I get it?
Why does my business card crack around the edges?
What is banding?
Why is there cracking on my scoring job?
Can I submit files via email?
How do I specify which side will coat of my "UV 1 side" or "AQ 1 side" job?
What if I found a mistake in my artwork before I received a proof, and I want to upload new files?
Am I required to use one of your file templates to submit a file?
What are print ready files?
Can I submit files by mailing a CD, DVD or USB?
Are there extra charges for file corrections, like adding bleed or fixing safe content?
Do you keep copies of my files?
Can I submit files before placing an order?
Your printed proof doesn't match my printed proof, why?
How long will take for my job to be finish?